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About Yankee Aviation Services

Yankee Aviation Services is a full service general aviation maintenance facility. Our speciality services include:

  • Annual inspections on all single-engine and multi-engine aircraft, including experimental aircraft.
  • Engine overhauls.
  • Expert recovering and service of fabric covered airplanes, including performance of the wood spar moisture puncture test
  • Aircraft ferrying service for out of town and out of state customers.
  • Certify "Experimental" amateur-built aircraft

An on-staff FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative who is authorized to perform the following aircraft airworthiness certification functions: issue recurrent Standard Airworthiness Certificates for U.S. registered aircraft; issue special flight permits for U.S. registered aircraft; issue recurrent export airworthiness approvals for Class I and Class II products in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations. Our staff has extensive experience performing annual inspections and full engine overhauls.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

Like many pilots, I found Yankee Aviation and Peter through a personal recommendation from another pilot. It did not take long to understand why Yankee Aviation came so highly recommended. I have been flying for over 25 years and have been with Yankee now for over 8 years; once you do business with this group you will never go anywhere else.

Yankee Aviation is a family owned business run by Pete Conner and his wife Gail. It seems a rare gift these days when you get to earn a living doing what you love so much, which is readily apparent with Peter and his carefully selected crew who have all worked together for many, many years.

Peter is not only a certified A&P, but is the person other A&Ps go to, to become certified. Peter is also a very active pilot and certified flight instructor. When you have a problem with your plane, he flies it. If you need to, Peter will pick your plane up and deliver it. Many pilots fly a fair distance to bring their planes to Yankee Aviation for service. Peter will often return the pilot home and also return the plane when the service is complete. This complementary service helps in many ways; first it allows Peter to experience a problem first hand. Peter can listen, feel, and try to detect difficult problems with you in the cockpit to help point things out. Once the repairs are made Peter will fly your plane to make absolutely sure everything is safe and functioning properly. Not many repair facilities actually fly these days.

As an A&P instructor and designated examiner, Peter is at the top of his game when it comes to techniques, regulations , and industry innovation. The same type of personality that makes Peter a good instructor carries directly over to customer care. Peter never minds taking the time to educate and explain almost anything aviation related to his customers. I have personally learned a great deal watching Peter and his crew work on my plane while asking questions. While this may bother or annoy many professionals in this field, Peter never minds taking the time to explain and educate his customers. It does not take very long to become more friend than customer at this facility. People stop by often just to say hello. You are always welcome here. Again, once you do business at Yankee Aviation, you will never go anywhere else. I trust Peter with my life ( Literally ) and I consider Peter, Gail, Kenny, and Hank good friends. Ask anyone who has ever been to YAS, they will tell you the same thing.

Richard Mezzanotti
I met Pete and Gail Conner several years ago after purchasing my own aircraft and having some very unusual problems occur with it. Pete and Gail were actually on vacation at the time so Kenny was the mechanic on duty. He took my plane in and diagnosed my problem right away! From that moment on, Yankee Aviation Services Inc. was not just an aircraft maintenance facility they were friends. Fast forward ahead 4 years and I have started Pilgrim Aviation, LLC a new flight school at Plymouth Municipal Airport and have a fleet of 10 aircraft. I never would have gone into this endeavor without having Yankee by my side for all our maintenance. I can say without hesitation that Pete, Kenny, Hank and Gail of Yankee Aviation Services are the best in the business. The quality of service Pete Conner and his maintenance team provides for our entire fleet of aircraft is second to none. I have tremendous confidence in Yankee Aviation's expertise to efficiently maintain our airplanes to the highest level of safety and service. When you choose Yankee for your aircraft maintenance, you are not just getting your aircraft serviced, you are becoming a member of the Yankee Aviation Family.

Pete...doing business with your company is truly a great experience. I appreciate the working relationship Pilgrim Aviation has with Yankee Aviation Services Inc. and plan on working with your team on many projects in the upcoming years. I can be reached by phone @ 508-747-7776 and anybody can come down and check out our aircraft and see what Yankee has done first-hand.

Joe Ricci, Owner
Pilgrim Aviation

For over 15 years Yankee Aviation Services has taken excellent care of my airplanes, initially a Pitts Special and later a Beech Baron. Peter Conner and his crew have always been very dependable and completely committed to providing careful, thorough maintenance and good value. Peter's experience, knowledge and high standards make for peace of mind in the cockpit. Highly recommended."


Ive been trusting my airplanes to Yankee Aviation for as long as Ive been based in Plymouth; over 10 years. Peter Conner and his crew have saved me money and trouble by finding problems in the shop, before they become problems in the air. Yankee has also handled some tricky custom work on my Cessna 185, including P-Ponk strut reinforcements, folding rear jump seats and ski installation.

Yankee has never turned me down when I needed quick-turn, unscheduled maintenance, and theyve done it with no extra charges. My annuals are completed on schedule, and I dont find loose screws or other problems afterward, like I have elsewhere.

Pete Conner and his Yankee Aviation crew will be doing my maintenance so long as were both active in aviation. His is the only shop Id trust to keep the airplanes that carry my wife and children, safely in the air.

Bendrix Bailey, MEL, SEL, SES, Glider, IFR Commercial 2,000+ hours

Flying is something that I Iove to do feeling confident my airplane is well-maintained. Thank you, Pete, Gail, Ken and Hank, for making this possible for the past seven plus years I have owned my plane! I regularly recommend Yankee Aviaion to other pilots who want to get top-of-the-line advice, repairs, and annuals. All I can say is, you're the best!

Julie Early

I came to know Pete Conner and Yankee Aviation Services almost twenty years ago. He was recommended to me by Bob at Dorr Aviation to do a pre-buy inspection on a 172xp I was buying. He did a great job then and has serviced my airplanes since.

Pete flies himself and is an FAA mechanic examiner. He knows the expense of operating an airplane. Allow me a story:
I was returning from Montreal with my three sons when landing at HVN we experienced a landing gear problem in my Piper Saratoga. The emergency procedure is a gravity system and we were able to land safely. The FBO there told me that it was a power pack problem and would be $4500 to fix. I took the plane to Yankee Aviation and they replaced a $12 brush in the motor assembly.
I would recommend Pete Conner and Yankee Aviation Services to anyone.

Mark C Mannix